It is a beautiful thing

to know love.

To feel it




how I have known love

is as small as an hour born

of its grand, magnificent day.

I have loved in many ways.

Is there a garden I am yet to find?

A moment still to spring

upon the delicate plough of yesterday?

I am certain there is more to come.

I shall wait for it by the gate

where the red roses wither

and the daffodils wake

in sweet tufts

of two.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

3 replies on “Love”

Aww. ☺️Thank you, Bernice. I’m glad you liked it. Love, I think, would have to be the grand theme of my life if there was one. So many different forms of love to experience while we’re here, both giving and receiving, too. All the many beautiful moments. xx 💞

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