Try A Little

The quiet moments when we see

we’ve been wrong.

They melt the ice of life

into sweet drifts of frost on wind.

I have been wrong

to my own heart,

often without knowing.

I have been wrong,

some days,

some days, it’s true.

Now I float in the mist

of a forgiving heart.

A forgiving heart

to soften the frost,

to sweeten the day around me.

This day.

A try a little, day,

I think.

5 replies on “Try A Little”

Hi Brooke. I’ve just caught up with your recent work and loved hearing the latest two reflections in your own voice. You are a channel for Spirit combined with your own hard earned wisdom. Spirit is so present in this one: “Now I float in the mist of a forgiving heart”. So few really know the joy of that moment. And how hard it is for any of us to sustain. Blessings. Keith

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Hi Keith! Nice to see you, again.🙂 Oh, yes, I often write things that I don’t actually understand (ha ha ha) but on another level, they make absolute sense to me. That’s sort of why I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in this old writerly caper. And yes, that feeling. Sigh. It is so so beautiful. If only we could stay there, always.☺️


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