Until They Remembered

Sun fell upon the rocky shore, gazing at the children that played by the rock pools.

Some of the children splashed.

Some worked quietly together, laying stone upon stone until they’d made a grand and sparkling tower.

Other children jumped star shaped into the ocean, not a care in the world, not an opportunity missed.

Sun shone upon them all.

Never once wondering which was worthy of day shine.

Never once seeing their differences as faults.

The children looked at each other just the way sun did.

And then they grew up.

And forgot.

Until they remembered again.

4 replies on “Until They Remembered”

It’s so true, Kat. 💞 Do you you know the thing I’ve noticed about my little boy starting school this year? Not one of the children have any real issues with each other as people. Of course they scuffle as children do. But it’s beautiful to see them greet each other so sweetly and with such love. I do wish it was the same with adults. How beautiful would it be if we all just accepted and loved each other. xx ❤️

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Young children are some of the most accepting! It’s so lovely to see them running around together without a care for what makes them different from each other. I miss my son being in school and getting to watch them call out to each other to come and play. I hope you’re enjoying this time; it’s so magical for them!

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