The Clouds

Somewhere in the clouds

is where you will find me.

Am I broken,

or am I just me?


somewhere beyond the day.


not quite flying away.

As humanity goes,

I am far from normal,

and yet I’d not trade a cloud

for a rock, and a chance to be


What is normal?

What is this broken world

asking me to be?

4 replies on “The Clouds”

Aww, Kat. You’re so beautiful, thank you for saying that lovely thing. And that’s part of my problem, I think. Normal is so boring. And everything around me, too often, seems awfully normal. Ha ha ha. I need to get out more, I think! xx

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Haha, so do I! It’s been 9 months since I’ve been able to really get out there, but I’ve learned to find little interesting things outside my windows, like watching the wind stream through the trees and how it makes me think of mermaid hair. Or maybe I’m just losing my mind, haha! Still, it’s better than the mundane wind blowing through trees.

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