The Next Step

I have spent so much time

searching for the next step,

and yet

the next step

has always been taken.

With no need to search.

5 replies on “The Next Step”

Gosh, that’s so true! Whether we know it not, we’re always taking the next step in whatever direction we’re going. Whether we know what direction that is is another story, haha. As always, Brooke, exactly what I needed to read, right when I’m in the middle of figuring out my “next step!”

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Ha! Classic! Happy to be of service, as always! 😂 It really always has resonated with me, particularly that line from one of John Lennon’s songs, something like, ‘life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.’ It so true. If only the world was quiet enough for us to hear our little whispers more easily. So much noise, it’s often impossible to anchor into the stillness needed to just go with the flow. 👀

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That is so true! We’re so busy moving around that we never just stop and listen. I like to imagine we would all be happier, and probably get along a lot better, if we did.

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