What In The World?

Well. Isn’t the world in an interesting state. That’s more of a statement, rather than a question, really, isn’t it: hence the absence of a question mark.

I’ve been wondering if perhaps humanity, as a collective, might be going through the same sort of life stage as me. Sifting through all the nonsense, trying to figure out which pieces to keep, and which pieces to shiny up and multiply. Trying to figure it all out, really, and will we? Can life be figured out? What actually is a state of figured out? I don’t think any of us knows, which is probably why we’re all in a bit of a collective pickle stew, at the moment.

It interests me to no end, this state we find ourselves in: us versus them, such massive divides, each heart believing their own is the ultimate truth. It’s fascinating because it has me asking questions I really don’t think can be answered in a black and white sort of way. Where once I would have declared a certain type of opinion ‘wrong’, a certain type of person ‘wrong’, I’m finding it impossible to do so, these days.

How can one side say the other is wrong entirely when there is a fifty- fifty split in opinion: half believing one thing, the other half believing another? It makes me wonder if people might open up to the grand possibility that, perhaps, no one is right.

Perhaps we all just are.

Sometimes pleasant experiences arise from us simply being as we are.

And sometimes complete and utter chaos reigns, and quite frankly, disturbs a great deal of the beautiful many of us so cherish about life here on earth. Perhaps it’s a little like a bush fire. In order to see those beautiful new sprouts of green peeping through the forest floor, first the old trees must burn.

Who on earth knows what’s going on.

Who on earth (and all the planets) knows.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

5 replies on “What In The World?”

Well, I suppose it’s because when we’re young we are told ‘the way it is’ and many carry on along the path of ‘what is’ without looking up. They really should look up. If they did, I’d imagine they’d see you sitting up there on your fence, Jonathan, and have a bit of a giggle at ‘that strange man up there’. 😂

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Well said, Brooke, well said, and I couldn’t agree more! We’re absolutely quite in a state, but I hope something good and beautiful comes out of it. People mature by going through these kinds of storms, so I hope we as a world are about to do the same, and hopefully find more love for each other.

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Oh, Kat. I truly do hope so. It’s true that ‘breaking point’ is usually the time we have personal breakthroughs. I really do hope the chain of breakthroughs keeps on running until every last human finds peace. Of course, I’m sure that’s what they all said at Woodstock back in the day…now look where we’ve ended up. 😱☺️

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