Like The Rest Of Us

I do not believe in seeking justice.

I believe in healing

and forgiveness.

I believe in walking

with humans

who are imperfect

like the rest of us.

Like the rest of us.


Like the rest of us.

Like the rest of us.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

6 replies on “Like The Rest Of Us”

Oh my goodness, Brooke, so true!! It seems everyone wants justice for something or other, but all it does is hold us back, keeps us from finding the place of forgiveness and seeing we’re all human and being able to hold a hand out to each other.

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I know, Kat. The idea of justice has always just given me the heebie jeeebies, for some reason. It seams that the search for justice is what war is all about. War has never ended well, for anyone, has it. I truly hope humanity reaches a point where we can see clearly that blaming, shaming and punishing isn’t the way forward to a peaceful society. I really, really do, lovely Kat. 💞xx

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Me, too, Brooke, me, too. Fighting each other doesn’t fix anything, only reinforces all the ideas that keep us fighting each other. I’m hoping we can reach that point, too.

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Noting this contribution is on 26th January, you appear to be referring to retributive justice upon which I am in absolute agreement. My soul aches for restorative justice for first nations peoples,especially in our land.

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Ah, yes! I believe we are on the same page, Keith. Punishment is not my cup of tea. Restorative justice sounds a beautiful concept, and I long for it too. There is no changing the past. There is lovingly acknowledging the rights and pain of others. xx


Also, I wasn’t referring to anything to do with Australia Day on this post, Keith. Just a random subject that arose on that particular day. I just don’t like unkindness (is that even a word?) in the slightest, and there just seems to be so much blaming and shaming going on in this world at the moment. It makes me a little (quite) sad. x


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