The Subtle Art of Patience

It’s odd, the way my novel is writing itself. I write in short bursts, for what reason, I couldn’t tell you.

I develop a beautiful flow, find a sweet new piece of the puzzle to slot into place. Then, the door closes. I do not know why it’s working this way, but I’m learning to trust that this is the way this novel wishes to be born.

I am resisting a little.

A big part of me gets cross. Just keep writing. Now. Today, this minute: push through the stop sign and write some more.

But I can’t.

I write in short sharp bursts.

The story comes in short sharp bursts.

It’s a lesson in waiting.

It’s a lesson in the subtle art of patience.

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4 replies on “The Subtle Art of Patience”

Yes, absolutely it does! Good luck with getting a novel finished. I’ll need that luck, too, I think! ☺️xx


Some people write in bursts, others binge. The 250-word-a-day diet has worked very well for me, despite the low number. Am almost done with manuscript number four now, so patience really does pay off. Wishing you all the best with your writing journey, Brooke!

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Great to hear, Stuart. That gives me hope that I might finish sometime before the century is over. 🙂Good luck with book 4! ☀️


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