14 Days

It has been fourteen days and the wind has brought me here.

What happened was quite accidental (but then, is anything ever accidental in the universe?) Rather than my plan expiring as I thought it was going to (for reasons long and complicated) it has rolled over for another year.

For a moment, when the ghastly realisation was made, I thought to approach wordpress and tell them, ‘Thank you, but I’m done, here.’

I never did do that. I never did pick up the phone.

I put this down to orders of the wind. The sway of the universe whispering me to stay just a little while longer. So, here I am, writing these words–half wondering why, half quite sure that there is nowhere else I’d rather be.

Why is it that there are so many segments of us, and why is it that not all segments of us want equally?

Some pieces of me want to be heard, to be known, to be understood and validated by like minded souls who feel a little like they’re swimming around in the ever spinning washing machine of life. Other parts of me want to hide. To never be seen. To only be known by the quiet that surrounds me, the quiet that I am.

I know I must write to experience myself truly.

I know I must create in order to find home.

What else do I know?

I know I’ll always be asking questions that make me feel a little lonely.

I know I’ll always think I know the answers until I, once and for all, understand that there is no one answer. Only the next question, the next step, the next choice.

The wind has brought me here.

And here, in this moment, I am.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

9 replies on “14 Days”

Aww, I’ve missed you, lovely Kat! I’ve been meaning to pop in and visit your blog: we’ve been SO busy moving house. I’ll pop in soon! 🥰Thankfully next weekend we’ll will be back to normal, finally settled in our new place! xx

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That does sound busy! I always look forward to what you have to share and to having you over at my blog, but changes and new things are so exciting. I hope all of you are happily settling in!

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That’s the most beautiful visual, isn’t it. The feather on the wind.☺️And I think you might be right, Jonathan. I do tend to float wherever the wind takes me; very feather like. Perhaps I should start being a little more purposeful about my life decisions, though, rather than leave it all to chance. Chance, however lovely it feels to float, tends to land me fleetingly in places I don’t belong.

I’m so exhausted by it all. I just want to land. As whimsical and lovely as it feels to float on the wind, I don’t think I could take another aimless journey. My heart is ready to land.☀️xx

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Your absence was actually 6 weeks not 14 days. I had given up on this site but had left the tab open on your new site. I had developed my own explanation for why, as a matter of self care, dear Brooke had needed to completely withdraw from blogging. I am pleased the wind has blown me back to this site with a lot of catching up.

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It’s wonderful to see you again, Kieth. 🙂 Yes, I was exhausted. It has been an exhausting time in general, but I am starting to feel as though I am happy to let myself flow as I am again. Although, perhaps the separation from blogging was my way of freeing myself from the attachment that bound me to one particular creative stream. I really am like the wind, Kieth. And the wind, as we all know, cannot be held in a container.

Sending so much love to you and hoping you are very well!! 🙂☀️☀️☀️


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