It’s soft and it’s cool.

It’s free and it’s flowing.

And quiet. (Good heavens it’s quiet. I close my eyes for that one. Truly. I close my eyes.)

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It lives in the candle beside me; within this flame, still and perfect.

I drink tea alone—peace lives there.

And the wind, swaying green beyond the window: it stops me as I wander.

It brings me home.

Peace is the language that brings me home.

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It is such a beautiful thing.

And it’s funny. How long it has taken me to see its worth.

That I’ve been looking for it. That, always, it’s been mine.

If only I’d known that I needed it.

I needed it.

Peace. I need it, still.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

5 replies on “Peace”

Sending so many beautiful big deep breaths, Julia. xxx

I can absolutely relate; I have suffered from anxiety my whole life. It comes and goes like the dark clouds in the sky. I try to remember the impermanence of it, and usually that calms me somewhat. On very sad days, a voice pops in to remind me: ‘tomorrow is a new day.’ And like the dark clouds passing the sun, so shifts my depression and anxiety.

Meditation has helped me enormously, but that has been my path. Your ‘inner voice’ will tell you what is right for you. Just trust it and you will get exactly where you need to be in the end. I am so so sure of that, lovely lady. Good luck with the neurologist. I’ll be thinking of you. ❤️💫

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My pleasure, Julia. It is always nice to know we’re not alone. That’s one of the shining beauties of this lovely bloggy land of ours, huh? 🙂 xxx

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