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I’m very aware of the rich soil of this place. How I am peeking through the soft earth, unravelling beautifully. How I am fully becoming myself.

Over these past few weeks, I’ve been allowing myself to be as I am, just watching the world go by. Watching all the expectations I had for my life and my dreams fall apart, so sweetly.

I am here to create and to love.

That is all.

It seems that, for most of my life, although I have been creating, although I have been loving…I have been looking to frame this creativity and love within an identity. Within a ‘reason’. For example: I must write a book in order to write legitimately, to be accepted under the culturally approved model of what a writer/creator must wish to strive for.

But I don’t wish to strive for this. Although it would be lovely to hold a book of my heart in my very own hands, I am so fulfilled by life that it truly does not feel necessary, to me.

I only wish to create. To be utterly fulfilled by this most beautiful connection with myself and the people I write for.

How or where my creativity (my essence) finds these people has become unimportant to me. I trust my words and heart will find home, effortlessly. I know this logic might make no sense to some, but for me, to flow through life feels like the only right way.

I never had to write a book to be a writer. I never had to be ‘a writer’.

I only had to be my wind.

Living. Creating. Loving.

Because this is my life.

This is my creative, loving life.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “Creative, Loving,Life”

Aww. You know, I really like to think that IS the way the universe works, Kat. So many times in my life, the right people have turned up with the exact message I needed to hear, right when I needed it. I always do like the idea of being able to help (or move) someone in some way with my own writing. 🙂 xx

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Well said, Brooke. This blog works perfectly for me to access your beautifully expressed empathy, love and wisdom. I could imagine an anthology packaged and marketed as a gift to share with family and friends.

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It’s funny you say that Keith! Only the other day I was pondering that very thing. I hope I can find some time to do that. I would love to leave a little piece of myself with my family to be cherished whenever the time comes for me to head off to the clouds (or wherever I might drift beyond this life.) 🙂


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