Waiting For Baby

It’s a beautiful time, for me. I’m seven weeks away from meeting my sweet little baby number three, and nesting has well and truly begun.

Life has been busy and forceful, if I look at it carefully and agree with the truth of it. Lockdown and homeschooling. Rushing to finish painting our home before baby arrives (I simultaneously love painting, and never want to see another tin of paint again.)

Beneath it all, though, lies a quiet hum. A hum so lovely, I’m certain it’s the stuff a summer breeze is made of. Lately, it’s been with me when I open the baby’s wardrobe; I stand there a little longer than I need to, just because it’s so lovely to be with my baby in that ‘real’ kind of way.

It’s the same loveliness that occasionally stands with me at my children’s doorway while they sleep. And, although I’ll never deny that motherhood aches and destroys at times, I’ll always be grateful for the quiet moments it brings my soul.

I’m home in this softness.

I’m well and truly home in this place.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

6 replies on “Waiting For Baby”

Oh, Kat. It’s getting so exciting. ❤️I’m so in love with the little ones I already have…I think I now understand what my Mum was talking about when she says your heart grows with every child, and there is so much love for all of them equally. Can’t wait to meet this little muffin. 🥰❤️

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Thank you, Julia! Yes, me too! I have full expectation that the labour will be pain free and lovely…and then I remember, ‘oh, wait. I am a bit of a dreamer, aren’t I?’ 😂☺️

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