False Labour And Celebratory Chocolate

I’ve just eaten some celebratory chocolate.

This chocolate (and as you all know, I’m quite partial to a piece or four on any regular day) was very much celebrated if only for the fact that it meant I was home and able to eat it. Not at the hospital. Having a baby. Early.

I’ve just had a little bout of false labour at thirty-four weeks pregnant, which was a little too real for comfort, to be frank. Because, although most google-able literature states that babies born this far along generally do okay with a little help, I’m more of a ‘let’s be absolutely, totally sure’ kind of a girl.

And so, now, looking back at the achy little while gone by, I hush my babe back to rest and find peace again in its sweet, stretchy movements; contractions put away, hopefully for weeks beyond this day.

I can’t wait to meet our beautiful little baby.

But actually…I really do think I can wait.

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5 replies on “False Labour And Celebratory Chocolate”

Oh, I hope you make it another few weeks! My oldest was born at 34 weeks and, while he seems completely fine, there’s always that little fear at the back of my mind that something will come up any day now. I hope your sweet baby stays put and doesn’t bring you too much worry too early.

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Oh thank you Kat, you and I are SO similar. It’s crazy, isn’t it. I just know if anxiety can exist in a scenario…it very well will exist if I have anything to do with it! Ha ha ha.

And gosh, Kat, you are so brave for the journey you’ve been on.☀️And actually you have reassured me a little! Your little man sounds as perfect as perfect can be, despite the early arrival! 😘If I really think about it…anxiety lives within my parenting journey anyway. I’ll never forget those first few years of my sons life. Born at full term, and yet he experienced febrile convulsions for the first 6 years of his life whenever a temperature would arise. I suppose somewhere in the hearts of us Mums, danger will always be a lingering ache for us to bare, in some way, for some reason. Perhaps I’ll use the rest of my parenting journey as a lesson on staying in the moment and enjoying each minute of my babes to the fullest (she says, and then crazy life happens, and she freaks out again, huh.😉☺️) xx

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Haha, I know what that’s like! It annoys my husband, but when something turns out to not be as stressful, it’s oddly reassuring.

I’m so glad! When my son was born there was almost no literature about late preterm babies, so I’ll probably be worrying over him until he’s out on his own. But he’s as healthy as any other child, incredibly smart, and the best well-behaved child I know. There’s a different form anxiety takes with every child, and I know I would have been worried sick with a baby experiencing febrile convulsions. I’m so glad your little boy came out of them! How scary it must have been! My mom likes to remind me the worry never goes away and I know she frets away about my siblings and I even now, so freaking out seems like a normal part of motherhood. Or so I hope, otherwise I might just be completely nuts, though I’m glad to be in good company!

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Ha ha ha. OH yes. I’ve already started worrying about when they leave home and potentially get into issues…omg. Thank goodness the other parts of motherhood make up for the anxieties. 🙂

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