A Simple Wish

I open my soul again and again.

Has my heart been heard this time?

So quietly it speaks for fear of breaking.

Hear me, please.

I may not carry the right words, always.

But my heart is pure,

my wish is simple.

To love, is all I wish.

To give

and to know

that I have lived in the world well.

Have I lived in the world well?

Have I lived?

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “A Simple Wish”

Oh, yes, Brooke, yes! I don’t think the world has seen too many souls as beautiful as your own, and I know you touch everyone who comes across you. No matter how softly or loudly your heart speaks, I can always hear it halfway across the world.

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Oh goodness, Kat. You are just the LOVELIEST. 🥰 That makes me feel so wonderful, thank you for those beautiful words. People can sometimes find my depth a little frightening, and so their response is to stay silent. I’m often left wondering if my love has been felt and appreciated.

People try the best they can to meet me where I am, and I’m grateful. 🥰 I just wish our culture wasn’t so afraid of that dreaded word…feelings! Ha ha ha. ☺️


Thank you, Julia. ☺️ Oh yes, everything is going beautifully for me at the moment. Very busy being mum to a little baby but apart from that, I’m going really well. 🥰 The poem came through me from the depths. It’s about the vulnerability I sometimes feel when helping friends through hard times. Wondering if I’m doing enough, hoping what I’m doing is helping. xx


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