In waking dreams I see the past

and feel it waltzing me

down a sweet, sweet road.

Oh, darling days gone by.

How lovely to feel you tickle my bones.

How lovely to remember the depths

that sang to my aching soul.

Always, I will remember the nectar

of those darling days.

Never again will their shadow

remain hidden

by choice.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “Shadow”

How funny, Brooke, I’ve been feeling very much like this lately, but when it comes to books and the memories they evoke. I’ve found myself walking down memory lane through books over the past week or two. So many fond memories that were buried for too long! It’s so lovely to look back now and then, to walk through memories and savor their beauty. Really lovely poetry, Brooke!

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Oh yes, Kat. There are some memories that return with their full feelings. Those are so so special. 🥰Being human is just so odd and wonderful. And awful. But at least half of it is wonderful so we’ll just bring back the wonderful memories, huh. 😂☺️

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I’ll take all the wonderful memories that want to come back! Well, the bad ones, too, since they can be good learning experiences, but the wonderful ones are so much better.

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