Peaches In The Darling Sun

The End Of The Day

I gave my soul to the garden.

I gave her my heart, I gave her my dreams.

And now, I am weary.

So weary,

I am nothing more than this.

But how beautiful it feels to have come.

To have given a piece of my life,

however small.

Here I have left my heart

and searched for yours in advance.

Hello, until tomorrow.


until the day is sweet and new.

Day Two. Grateful to have met again, so sweetly.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

2 replies on “The End Of The Day”

I have a terrible brown thumb, but my aunt has a gorgeous, wild garden overflowing with plants and I think she’d agree with this. Gardening, what little I’ve done of it, really does feel like a beautiful giving of the soul. What a lovely place to leave a bit of yourself!

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Oh, Kat! I find it hard to get the motivation to get out there for sure, but when I do I find it so rewarding. I like to think of the beauty the end result will bring. 🙂

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