Peaches In The Darling Sun

A Little Story

A little story. A lovely one.

While standing in line at the shop, today, holding a baby in one arm and a pram in the other, the lady in front of me turned.

‘Please go ahead of us. I see you have two little ones and a baby. Please go ahead.’

I could have kissed her beauty.

I could have held her love in the air and said out loud for all to hear, ‘this is the kindness I choose.’

Instead, I said thank you.

Once. And once again.

True sunshine.

The end.

Day 26. The good in the world.

4 replies on “A Little Story”

A beautiful story that doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should! I’m so glad that a soul as lovely as yours was able to experience such a beautiful thing. And I can only hope things like this will happen more often.

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Oh, me too Kat. Such a beautiful thing! Although, with that said, if it happened too often it would probably lose its special-ness. I think I’d prefer be surprised by unexpected beauty every now and then just so I can keep this level of gratitude. ❤️


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