Peaches In The Darling Sun

And Just Like That

Here we are. The 25th of March (in Australia) and the final day of my lots and lots of days in a row of meeting you in bloggy land.

I’ll admit that, this time around, it’s been difficult to be here wholeheartedly. I’ve been so busy with life tumbling every which way around me.

A small baby to care for.

Two additional busy little people to raise.

A barely there garden, slowly growing beneath my fingers.

All the while, the soft girl within has been whooshing away, trying to teach me life’s simple lessons in love, life and everything. She has succeeded on many a day.

She’s also failed, which (I hear) is simply part of this human running race called existence. Imperfection? Never had I ever considered such a preposterous thing, and yet life has forced her hand of late and said, ‘Near enough will have to be good enough, dear Brooke.’

And so it was. Near enough, good enough.

I showed up with less than I’d hoped to give on many a day, and although my heart ached not to have been here with more…’near enough’ was all I had.

And guess what?

I became okay with that. I have given. I have been. And I will be back again, hopefully to bring something wonderful beyond this moment here and now.

I do hope you’ll join me, again.

All my love,

Brooke. xx

Oh. And bloggy friends?

Thank you for coming. I adore you.

Photo by Danik Prihodko on
Day 29. Until we meet so sweetly again.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “And Just Like That”

Oh wow, that was fast. Well, it probably flew by faster to me than to you, but it was delightful to fall into your words and the soft beautiful soul you put out into the world.

There’s a theory in psychoanalytic theory about the good enough mother. Just being there is enough, just trying is enough. You’re doing an incredible job, Brooke! I agree with the soft girl: near enough is good enough. Congratulations with getting through a whole month’s worth of posts! I could certainly not have done the same.

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Oh my dear friend, Kat. You have been such a beautiful support to me on my blogging journey. You know how to speak directly to a persons soul, and that is a true gift. Especially as a mum. Those kids of yours will cherish Mums ability to connect with their little hearts.

Thank you for coming along on my month long adventure. I appreciate your presence so much more than you know! xx❤️

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Oh, Brooke, I’m always so happy to! Your posts are always a balm to my soul, and all the love you have to spread around makes it so easy to feel the beauty of your soul. You can count on me to be there every time you embark on your month long adventures!

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