It started with the Fathers of the Fathers.

Each ache, each man left broken

by the one who came before him:

not his fault,

that pain, continued.

But an unwanted gift, often unseen,

too often delivered.

It must now be seen.

It must now stop,

to break the rusty chain.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “Fathers”

Oh, gosh, Brooke, I think of this all the time whenever I look at my son. Society’s teachings are so ingrained it sometimes feels like an uphill battle, but every chain we can break means one fewer than can hurt later on.

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Oh me too, Kat. I just breaks my heart. And I think, oh please don’t let him be broken. Please let the softness I give him fill him with the courage to be his beautiful self, always.

His poor Dad and his poor Dad before him.

I deeply feel for them all. And for the beautiful women who have also suffered because of their ‘broken’. And aren’t we all broken, really. xx

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Fathers and grandfathers, give your sons and grandsons strong hugs and kisses. Tell them that you love them, and listen to them, really listen from the beginning. And let them cry.
Show them how you love their mothers. That’s the secret.
All men, engage with your feminine – inside and outside you. Really engage and deeply listen.
Learn this from the strong women around you and be not afraid, they are the best teachers.
The best fathers are the strongest and softest men, all at the same time.
Get the balance right, between the masculine and the feminine, love them both and pass that on.
That’s what makes us whole, there is no other way.
And remember, hug each other, deeply and often – just do it.


Then the link will open and chain will dissolve
and they will not be broken.

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Peter, I’ve had this blog running since 2018. In that time I’ve had some beautiful comments and met some beautiful wisdom along the way.

This is by far the most profoundly brilliant comment ever to have graced this bloggy land of mine, and I thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

I hope this post reaches a billion people: JUST so people can hear the absolute truth of your words.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

xx Brooke


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