The Consciousness of Plants

The garden is abundant with Calla Lillies.

There is something about them that I know, something that speaks to me through the softness and sway of their leaves and sweeping, cupped petal.

Theirs is an energy much like the soft breeze of spring that I love so much. It is an energy elegant but dear, and I know that I am that. I know I am that very same softness.

I am not a vegetarian, nor am I a vegan, although I care deeply for animals and respect them just as much as I do the human folk I share a table with. I’ll eat the animals, though, because plants are also alive and must be sacrificed in order for my body to consume them. That consciousness lives within plants does not seem a far out idea for me to accept…because I feel every inch of their life.

Plants, trees, flowers, herbs… I believe they are all very much alive, and as conscious as you or I. Live a day within my skin. I assure you, you would believe, too.

Our limbs grow without us consciously commanding them to. So do those of plants.

We become diseased without consciously intending to, sometimes with death the end result. So do plants.

I eat plants because I have to, just as I eat meat because I have to.

I don’t take either for granted.

Life is beautiful life, down here on this great big spinning rock of ours.

I cherish every curve.

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6 replies on “The Consciousness of Plants”

When I was younger, I used to say things like this to people. They would give me funny looks, so I stopped, but I never stopped thinking that those poor plants had to die for me to eat and somehow seeing a piece of plant on my plate was worse than eating a chicken breast that had been marinated and roasted beyond recognition. But, yes, they’re absolutely beautiful lives that should be cherished and thanked for offering all they can.

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Aww. So beautiful, Kat. You have my wholehearted support in telling the nay sayers how you see the world. At least one other person out there (me) thinks you were onto something lovely! ❤️


It’s all about giving thanks to whatever I eat.
I’ve done some hunting and eaten my kill – with thanks, even a short prayer.
This has made me appreciate such food greatly and hugely respect the species I chase.
Having planted and watched veggies grow in my backyard I’ve harvested them, eggs, sweetcorn, tomatoes, pumpkin and more, and likewise, given thanks.
In a group setting, when I have been asked to say grace, I go around my plate and verbally give thanks individually to every piece of food on it and visualise it growing, even the plate itself

And I grow and love and give life back, because I am then able to.

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How beautiful, Peter. I absolutely love this. I have been thinking recently about certain contemplative traditions (certain Japanese traditions come to mind) where they honour life completely and beautifully. I am so loving venturing into this new world of honouring life, despite the eye rolls of our current society. I’m finally beyond caring about the eye rolls. Thankfully, the bigger picture is far more beautiful to embrace than the fear. 🙂


I think the basis for all this is fear of death, death is the ultimate no no. Strangely this goes right through Christianity which I can never understand.
For me much more significantly is the honouring of the Life Cycle which includes death. The young, plants or animals, have limited growth opportunities if the old remain for ever.
Parents, especially mothers, run the risk of death by having children and bringing them up and so in a sense offer their lives for the continuance of the Life Cycle. This is necessary and normal of both the plant and animal worlds.
I would joyously offer my life for the continuance of the lives of my grandchildren for example.
These offerings occur cross species which I believe is how it is meant to be. If we consider and support the life of the whole of what lives, then death is just a part of it and indeed inevitable.
Suffering and pain are another consideration entirely.

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Absolutely beautiful, Peter. I couldn’t agree more. Ps: there is a photography book in here somewhere. Your beautiful photos and lovely wise words. Go on. I’ll be the first to buy it.✨


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