The Home Of Me

For when the rain comes,

I know I am safe in the home

of me.

Photo by Hassan OUAJBIR on

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “The Home Of Me”

Following the concept that the fewer the words the more that is said, you have nailed it Brooke, this says it all, you can close your blog now!
All fear is now gone and you are incorruptible.

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Ha ha ha 🙂 Thanks Peter. Home surely is a beautiful, beautiful place to me. Although, as a human…I am not entirely sure I’m confident I will stay here. The wind does tend to blow. But you know what…I am sure it will all be absolutely perfect, just the way it is. x


For me:
I was interpreting ‘rain’ as tough stuff in life and ‘home’ as your true self.
Being very comfortable in your True Self space means you can take what ever is thrown at you in life and still feel very secure – you can always go ‘home’.
Yes I was being a bit flippant in my first reply, but drilling down deeper, for me, your few words expresses Oneness and it is only from such a secure and loving space can you truly expand into the rest of the world as you do.
Being ‘safe in the home of me’ suggests you’re safe anywhere.
This is the whole point of our journey.

And please DON’T stop your blog!

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Oh yes, I knew what you meant and it was a lovely lovely comment! ☺️ And yes, you interpreted correctly! The rain was indeed, the tough stuff of life. And ‘me’ is the flow that comes from connection with my authentic self. ☺️

And I knew you were being funny about me stopping the blog! Ha ha ha. You’re off the hook. xx


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