Sadness in The Corner

There is sadness in the corner.

A beautiful sadness that calls to me, many a day, and I can’t help but follow. I can’t help but wonder why.

When life is ever so dear, and joy is found sweetly in the eyes of the ones I love, why is the sadness in the corner? When the rest of the room is flooded with colour; the corner.

Why is it aching, why is it grey?

Whole and beautiful life is here,

but the corner.

Why is there sadness in the corner?

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “Sadness in The Corner”

That’s a beautiful way to put it! It’s a bluish-gray mist for me, and it certainly has a call. I’m often envious of all the people who always seem quite happy and enjoying whatever life throws them, but perhaps we all have that corner of sadness. I’m hoping it’s there to highlight all the joyful times and to remind us we’re still human.

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I love that Kat. It totally is our little corner of human, isn’t it? And it’s so lovely that we find each other there, in that corner of sadness. So many of us know that place and so many of us can say, so beautifully, ‘I see you’, because of it. There is just something so lovely about that, to me. xx


It’s often the sadness that draws us together as a group.

In photography. a grey subject best enables it be lit with all colours, it’s not biased.
Would your wonderful poetry Brooke take on a different sense if it was written on, say, a bright red paper?
Maybe the grey, sad corner is the life base on which we can build a life full of colour?

I would love to hear Kat’s view on this too.

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That is such a wonderful way of looking at it, Peter. Certainly contrast is what makes life, and I am also very sure that the sadness is awfully beautiful in that it is the one absolute that opens us to our beautiful empathy for each other.

It makes me think of that stunning poem by Mary Oliver (you’d absolutely love it.) Wild Geese it’s called. Have a search for it online if you can. It’s so so true (raw) and beautiful. ✨


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