The internet has stolen my words.

They were here, tied with a little bow, tagged: ‘Brooke’s heart’; now they’re gone, the internet stole them. Snuffed them out, like a candle, with ease.

The internet has been down all day, so I don’t suppose it cares for blogging. I don’t suppose it cares for drafts worth saving.

But then…

Maybe it wasn’t worth saving.

There are no accidents in the universe.



the stolen words were not at all



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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

4 replies on “Stolen”

Ha ha ha! I KNOW! They were there one minute, one click later they were gone. And not auto saved! 😂Oh well. Just another one of those amazing lessons the universe dishes out in ‘acceptance’. (This was a much easier lesson to deal with than when I lost my whole novel a few years ago-about 12 thousand words in!😱😂)

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Oh, I know the pain of losing an entire novel! Happened to me many years ago. It’s definitely easier to lose some blog posts than a novel, but, you’re right, it’s a good lesson in acceptance. Some things were just not meant to be. Or not yet. It’s always possible to reconstruct, but it’ll, sadly, never quite be the same. Still, it’s always incredible how the universe just KNOWS.

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