Quietly Contemplating

I’m an explosion of heart. Tender and soft, especially of late. Quietly contemplating, missing the people I love, whispering a subtle question to the world of nothing around me.

Where am I going, and who am I? So much of me has become new. It is a sure sign that there is no fixed identity, as much as we cling to who we think we are and tell our stories until well beyond their used by date.

I nurse a quiet hope in my heart that, someday, I will have crossed a bridge between not knowing and finally knowing life and its meaning.

Life is a journey, this much I know.

Life is a teacher, of this I am also certain.

This understanding is, in itself, a beautiful thing.

Can I let go fully, though, and allow life to happen effortlessly, and without a care?

I ask the small voice of my heart, and she smiles in response.

I know nothing of what that smile means.

Not yet, anyway.

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7 replies on “Quietly Contemplating”

Hey Jason! Thank you. ☺️It’s lovely to see you, again! I’m sorry, I’ve been absolutely terrible at checking in on blogs. I will try and get by and visit your beautiful bloggy world, soon. ☀️


Aww, thank you Julia! Yes, this one felt really soft and light as it flowed through me. I’m so glad you picked up on the poetry vibe. ❤️

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“I will have crossed a bridge between not knowing and finally knowing life and its meaning.”

Maybe one of the paradox’s of life in “finally knowing life and its meaning.” is the acceptance of “not knowing” or never knowing. The bridge collapses or the waters of the ego recede and the shores become one island.

Thanks Brooke.

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I like that. The bridge collapses. The shores become one island. It resonates down to the bone. ☀️🫶🏻


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