I mourn

the turning of time.

Shall I clutch at the moment,

or the passing days gone by?

Or shall I be free

to stroll the fields, with you?

Free to know the wind

as an ever changing friend.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

7 replies on “Free”

So true Tony. ☀️It was striking how this quiet sort of sadness fell over me last night when I remembered.

I’ve taken the time I have here for granted for so much of my life. But time doesn’t slow down or stop for anyone. Best to enjoy it to the fullest while it’s here. ❤️

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As so often Brooke, when I feel unsure of my stand in life, I read one of you poems and I am strongly reassured.
A definitive book in my early life was called Fear of Freedom and it’s message has held true for me ever since.

Be free.
Be joyous.
Be love.

These three follow each other, around and around, and are really one.

Thank you Brooke.

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Absolutely beautiful, Peter. I’ve missed your wide open wisdom. I hope you’ve been well! I’ll email you soon! x


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