I am I

The swell of a new wave approaches and how beautiful it feels, rising in my chest.

I see you, world, and I tell you: I need not change, though I do baffle you so.

I need not shift to suit your understanding of reality.

I am I. Not a broken shard of perfect life.

I hear them speak labels.

Labels I am beyond.

I see their eyes of confusion; confusion arises only upon expectations unmet.

Expect nothing of me and I shall be the rainbow of life I am here to be.

Expect of me a lie and I must decline.

For I am only I.

I see as only I see.

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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. đź’•

One reply on “I am I”

I have sat for a long time with this piece of yours Brooke and have struggled to find meaningful words of similar depth to comment with and of course ultimately any comment is superfluous
This blog aligns so closely with my feelings of my relationship with the more obvious world which is actually the unreal world, and connects me more strongly with the “I am I” world, which is actually the real world as you clearly express.
I worry that these words of mine only can be shallow relative to your words, which I think they are, but I don’t know what else to say.
An expression of Evelyn Underhill’s in Practical Mysticism keeps coming back to me.
“The Alone with the Alone”
when she describes a Mystic’s relationship with God (or whatever word you wish to use for the higher entity).
Yes, You are only You and I am only I, but of course that is Us being our Ultimate Selves.


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