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Darling Day 31: Kindness

Most would consider it an embarrassment, I suppose, the darling life lesson that found me at the supermarket yesterday. But to me, it was a beautifully mysterious lesson, one I will never forget.

We’ve all had that moment, I’d imagine. The moment we see a person with a small handful of things lined up behind our massive trolley full, and the done thing is that we would usually let them sneak in before us. (No judgment if you don’t, we all have our reasons: shyness and social anxiety happen. And are absolutely worthy of understanding and empathy.)

Anyway, I’m waffling already, sorry.

Back to the supermarket line.

I had a full basket of things, not just a couple of items, and the lady in front of me had a trolley that was about three-quarters full, so according to my calculations…she really would have only taken a few extra minutes to check out than I. Still, she offered to have me pass, and would see it no other way.

I’m always so touched by genuine kindness, and this time was no exception. How could I return the kindness, and have her know just how much it meant to me? Could I pay for a small amount of her shopping as a nice surprise? No. I was paying by card. Could I buy her one of the mint packets sitting on the counter? Umm…no.

And that’s when I saw the bag. A beautiful country style shopping bag: I would buy that for her, and as I was leaving I would turn around and hand it to her, knowing we had both done our bit to brighten each other’s day.

The cashier announced the amount I owed, I opened my purse and…my card wasn’t there. My only way of paying for two bags worth of groceries and the special surprise bag…was-not-there. I was gutted. I walked away, without my bags, knowing that when I returned the kind lady would be gone, and I would have a random bag that I really didn’t need.

But as I drove home to pick up the very pesky card that had left itself in my jacket pocket, the universe flashed me a feeling here and there and suddenly I was face to face with the truth.

It was all meant to happen.

And it was meant to happen exactly as it happened in order for me to learn a lesson. What was the lesson? The lesson was kindness—my most fluent, and cherished language. And why did I have to forget my purse in order to remember that I value kindness above most things?

Because if I’d not forgotten my purse…I’d have given that bag to the lady.

And If I’d given it to the lady… I wouldn’t still have it, always to remind me how beautiful it feels to both give and receive kindness.


Well. 🙂 We made it my beautiful bloggy friends. 🙂 All the way through these darling days of May, and as always I’ve been so ridiculously grateful for your company. I really didn’t do an awful lot differently, did I, apart from add the word darling in here and there. Ha ha ha. Thank goodness I’m such a love hearty girl, in general, hey. 😛

Until we meet again, Brooke. xx

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The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 30. War

Dear sweet love,

give me a word.

Whisper me back when I drift

into the clouds above the sorrow.

For the days are long,

and the world is at war

without seeing or knowing it.

But I see.

I know.

So I am flying,

always toward the darling sun

of us.

Darling sun.

Give me the strength to see the war

and know my heart

will make it to a brighter tomorrow.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 29. Popcorn Days

Darling is the dream

of basking in the salty sweet

of popcorn days

and marshmallow nights.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 28. Darling Dreamers

In the arms of the rippling blue night,

the darling dreamers


to the Gypsy song of yesterday.

And with a gaze:


And with a kiss:


The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 27. Destiny

Deep in the darling woods,

the darkness creeps

and the wind whispers

of daisies and delight:


hanging in the air

beyond the trees.


Waiting for permission

to live.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 26. Desire

There is no place

for darling

in desire.

The sweet perfection

of you

must die

to know the wild


of me.

Cross the bridges

of my body

with your wandering


and I will meet you in the air.

I will meet you in the air.

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The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 25. Bliss

This bliss,

this quiet breath

that holds me

as I spin into the fabric of

all things.

This heart,

this hand that reaches for the sun

and pulls in close

the shining pieces

of a brand new

darling day.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 24. Home

This darling place to call my home, these darling friends to call my own.

It’s a soft feeling that fills me, a feeling that’s not left me since my first word fell upon the breeze of us.

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Darling comes close to describing us.

But the real truth of us lives within the quiet. Because the real truth of us, dear bloggy friends, is that our home (our connection) is too beautiful for words to know.

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Darling are all the days of us.

The days my heart places questions within these invisible walls, and your hearts answer: I see you.

Thank you so so much for seeing me, sweet friends.

I so completely see you, too.

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Who knows where tomorrow will find us—but for now we are home.

In this moment we are home, with the friends we have chosen.

And oh my darling goodness.

Home is all the lovely things, to me.

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The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 23. Misfits

In the garden of secrets

they lay,

arm in arm;

this darling band of misfits,

this chain of soul dwelling


who know only


of freedom

beside the shallow breaths

of humanity’s ball and chain.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 22. Eternity

Darling is how I feel eternity, soft in its gentle, drifting wind.

Their unspoken words ask me how I know them so well— how I can feel the softness of them— and I don’t know what to tell them, but to say that I just know the softness in their eye…is my own.

There is nothing between us, but the way we run, the way our bodies are fueled by different people and places and days.

Different moments, different hours of truth;

of lies;

of broken glass;

of peaceful moon.

I know that we are the same, because I feel them in eternity. All of them, dwelling in the place music swells and overflows, whispering to the world of tender days gone by.

Fear flashes in their eyes when I reach their walls and search for a ladder to climb. But what is to fear of a small human puff of sun? It is only a glimpse of the beautiful garden of us I am seeking.

How I long for their walls to tumble—for my own walls to crumble. To shriek and groan and crash to the ground, in a celebratory burst of:

I remember you.

Darling flower, wonderful and strange.

I remember you.