Waiting For Baby

It’s a beautiful time, for me. I’m seven weeks away from meeting my sweet little baby number three, and nesting has well and truly begun.

Life has been busy and forceful, if I look at it carefully and agree with the truth of it. Lockdown and homeschooling. Rushing to finish painting our home before baby arrives (I simultaneously love painting, and never want to see another tin of paint again.)

Beneath it all, though, lies a quiet hum. A hum so lovely, I’m certain it’s the stuff a summer breeze is made of. Lately, it’s been with me when I open the baby’s wardrobe; I stand there a little longer than I need to, just because it’s so lovely to be with my baby in that ‘real’ kind of way.

It’s the same loveliness that occasionally stands with me at my children’s doorway while they sleep. And, although I’ll never deny that motherhood aches and destroys at times, I’ll always be grateful for the quiet moments it brings my soul.

I’m home in this softness.

I’m well and truly home in this place.

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The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 21. The Rose Coloured Glasses

Give me a rose to colour your glasses with.

Not just any rose.

A pink one.

Painted with the darling of the happiest day.

close up of pink indoors

Doesn’t a pink world feel lovely?

So rosy and sweet and soft.

Like a kiss upon the nose.

Like a hand upon a cheek.


adult affection bed closeness


If everyone in the world wore the glasses of love.

Glasses of rose.

How bright and lovely the days would be.

How bright and lovely the world would be.

girls on desk looking at notebook

May there be a rose for anger.

A rose for pain.

A rose for every minute the world needs more bright.

Because darling is the world that’s kissed by glasses of rose.

And darling are the people who wear them.

bright card cards color

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