Love You Sweetly

Let me love you sweetly,

someday love.

Promise you’ll be unafraid

and I will hold you

in the deep,

keep you wrapped in the wings

of my never ending soul.


Breathe again.

Your bones will not shatter on the wind

of my empathy.

They will be refilled

with the essence

of everything you are.

To me.

To you.

To the world that longs to know

the fullness of you.

Let me love you sweetly,

someday love.

Let me love you like I do.


The Deep End Of Me

If I love you:

Today, you feel like all the pink clouds in my sky.

white clouds and blue sky


If I miss you:

Today, I ache for what we make the world when we are together.

photo of four girls wearing school uniform doing hand signs


If I know you:

Today, I see every inch of your universe; inside, outside, below and above.

sky space dark galaxy


If I’m upset with you:

Today, you are the one black rock among a sea of white.

nature summer yellow animal


Today, I feel everything and all of us.

Today, I am swimming in the deep end of me.

photo of man with face paint


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