The Colours of Love

Sun greeted Moon in the afternoon sky with a flirtatious splay of pink-golden mist.

‘Darling Moon. Have I mentioned, this summer eve, just how dearly I love you?’

Moon blushed. ‘No, Sun. You haven’t. But even if you had, I wouldn’t have listened.’

‘But why not, moon? You listen to all my words. Why would you not listen to words as lovely as these.’

Moon sighed, and drooped a little in the sky. ‘These words are lovely on the front side, Sun. But the back of them are black, and black means I’ll have something to lose if I accept them with all of my heart.’

Sun scratched his head, unsure for a moment what to say. He breathed in a small puff of cloud to gather his senses, and then he smiled gently into moon’s eyes. This was the gaze that always calmed her.

‘Moon. There are no guarantees in life. It is messy. Sometimes, life can even be horrible. But in this moment I am so deeply in love with you that any moment beyond this one simply does not exist. Black does not exist within this moment, does it, Moon?’

Moon and her shine rose to their original place in the sky, feeling light and breezy. Sun was right. There was no black in this moment. In fact, the colour Sun had shone into her was the most beautiful shade of love she’d ever known. Perhaps she might accept it, after all. Perhaps she might accept it for all the moments after, too. If she continued to choose so.