A Great Land

I have lived in a great land

beyond time,

beyond name

beyond here.

Where the sun kissed my soul

morning and night,

and my days were surrounded

by honey pink flowers

and tangerine trees.


I try to forget about that place.

The faded perfection of this world

never does compare

to the sweet milky sunsets

of my homeland.

Still, I visit occasionally.

Still, I suppose I always will.



I am a body.

But I am dissolved

by the blinding light

of destiny.

Here I spin,

longing to escape

the heavenly dream

that hurtles through the soft

and quick

of me.

Catch me, hold me still.

Oh, the aching,

catch me.




The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 28. Darling Dreamers

In the arms of the rippling blue night,

the darling dreamers


to the Gypsy song of yesterday.

And with a gaze:


And with a kiss:


The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 2: Darling Is The Dream

Darling is the dream of waking up beside you,

knowing the world is perfectly still

for one single breath of mine.

And when sleep comes once more, meet me in the sky between us;

hold me by that darling river of ours,

until the sunrise brings you back to my day.

affection blur close up couple


Darling is the dream of you.

Darling is the everlasting dream

of you.

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What If

What if

this moment spun into a million sparks

of you and me.

Wrapped around each other’s

bodies and breath,

folded into the heady fabric of


What if

this bliss already exists

because you are

in me,

and I am in you


Not someday.


What if.



Melt me in an ache so sweet,

until my body craves

the unspoken moments

of you.

Lift me into an orange sky

at river time.

Keep me in arms that

hold me

without bars.

Feel forever ending

beside me,

within me,

around me,


Always and ever after,



The Flame

Let me be

the flame that burns

into your midnight dreams.

Let these embers spark

your long forgotten


Let you taste them again

within the deepest



of your soul.


Always And Forever Love

Floating in the ever swelling softness of time.

And I wait for you, my future, my love;

knowing you may never be.

Knowing the shine in my eyes may always be only a dream

of something beautiful.


Come to me, sweet love.

Steady my flight, and hold my heart.

Be my always and forever love.

Always and forever,


Until forever ends.

And life begins again.


The Quiet of Me

Your soul spotted mine in that moment.

Didn’t it?

It’s why you looked away.

It’s why I continued to gaze

until those eyes returned

to the quiet of me.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 22. The Garden

Once upon a time, there was a garden.

And this garden—


It was the most magnificent garden in all the land.

Because, in this most darling of places, every day was a new season…

autumn blooming blossom bright

And every day was more beautiful than the last.

Everyone thought so.

Even those who could not walk the shady path with their own two feet.

Especially those who could not walk the shady path with their own two feet.

bloom blooming blossom blur

But there was darkness in this garden, too.

Darkness that bled up the roots of the trees.

Darkness that wandered and swayed and crept along the weeds,

gobbling up all the gentle hearts that lay open in its wobbly path.

brown wooden spider formed statue photography

Most were afraid of the darkness.

But the girl.

Oh no, the girl was not afraid.

The girl would never be afraid, for her heart was as golden as the sunshine.

And golden hearts (as everybody knows) need not be afraid of the dark.

adult air beautiful beauty

For the girl, each new day in the garden was beautiful.

So full of charm.

And grace.

And daffodils swaddled in polka dots…


And magic.

Magic lived in that garden too, did you know?

Well. You do now.

And the girl…she was the master of every little trick.

Every little miracle.

person holding clear glass ball

So, next time you wander the brightest day…

You might think of that girl.

Of her garden made from all the darling things.

And you might wish that you were there with her—

Two dreamers, marveling at all the lovely things.

Yes. What a sweet dream that would be.

close up of tree against sky

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