I’m feeling such a tender ache within me, this morning. The aching quiet, I call it, this softness. This knowing of connection between humans and life, between humans and other humans.

Tenderness — more specifically, sitting within the depths of this beautiful, intense feeling with others — is something I’ve accidentally avoided in the past. I had no idea I’d been avoiding it until…oh, about ten minutes ago when I realised how beautiful it feels, and how much I’ve been craving it. And avoiding it.

I thought I wore my heart on my sleeve. I do wear my heart on my sleeve, so it’s easy to see how I’ve fooled myself. But when I really think of the years gone by, I think of that bright, bubbly sunshine I used to be…and I see that her sunshine was a wall. Of protection. A wall to keep the depth of intensity in. Or out.

I still get a little scared. I still want to run. But every time I run, I lose a beautiful, beautiful moment of human connection that could have changed two human lives for the better. Every serious moment I cover with humour, I suppose, is way of rejecting myself and the truth of what is asking to be.

Perhaps I’m over thinking it. But to me this is more of a feel, a feel that is running very deeply through me on this cloudy morning.

This tenderness is so lovely, far too lovely to live without.

From now on, I choose to be brave.

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Dark Mistress

Oh, fear, my dark mistress sweet.

Play me into your arms of fright.

Chill me with crooked fingers.

Undress my calm,

tempt me into hiding:

I will rise.

And you will find the truth of me

has no room inside to hold you.

The truth of me flies

without you



Just The Way You Are

For the ones who think they are broken.

You are beautiful.

Just the way you are.



But if I was always


how would I know

the absolute beauty

of real



And how would I discover

the strength

I have


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She Just Is

Beautiful little flower.

Her petals close upon the darkening sky

and she sleeps,

opening again to the morning sun.

Searing heat tortures her softness.

Storms tear at her fragile frame.

Yet she keeps waking, opening.

Closing, sleeping.

She does not fight the weather that takes her,

she gracefully lives.

She lives.

And how beautiful she seems

to me

when she just


through it all.


Life Aches

Do not look at me and tell me

that life does not ache


Life aches.

When life is truly

and bravely felt:





Into The Web

When the morning comes

she will spin into the web of it all,

and she will make the great adventure

across the weave of the day.


Heart And Soul

What a beautiful option.

To live.

With all your heart and soul.


Never Ever After

To the waking heart

there is no such thing

as never ever after.


The Journey to Shine


‘Yes, Moon?’ Sun replied, glancing over his shoulder at the beautiful, shining friend who sat so solemnly beside him. He continued to dangle his fishing line over earth. Soon, he knew, the daytime of the south would chomp.

‘I have a confession to make, Sun. Oh my goodness. I think I love my shine,’ said Moon, gently drooping with shame.

‘But why would you think that loving your shine is a a bad thing, Moon? Heavens, silly duffer. How dear you are to me.’

Moon raised her face and pointed into the distance. ‘Those stars over there told me that if I love myself, it means I’m arrogant. It means that I only care for myself. It means…that I am bad, and they are good.’

Sun looked upon the group of stars in the distance- beautiful little star children, enjoying their perspective of the world, shining the only way they knew how.

‘Moon. But you must love your shine, otherwise you would snuff it out and there would only be darkness. The humans need your shine. And so do those stars over there. Because one day, they’ll be offered the chance to unleash their own shine- and you’ll have already given them permission to say: yes.’