The River and The Stone

The river is always changed

after the stone

has pierced her

still waters.


Muddy Waters

Muddy waters are pure

beneath the mud.

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The Bear

‘You must not fuss,’

said the boy to the bear.

‘This pot may no longer overflow with honey.

But look.

At the pot.

At its rainbow shine,

at its faded inscription.

This pot has been cherished.

And because it has been cherished

it shines,

and it fades

all at the same time.

Who cares if the taste 

of its beautiful

is over.

A memory of life,

enough to feed the two of us,

still lives in your hands.

Let us sit

and eat it together.’

close up photography of honey
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A Blog a Day in May

Wildling Feet

Wildling feet have danced too long

in the forest of evergreen,

waiting for the leaves

to change and


asphalt dark dawn endless
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