A Moment

There it was, quietly mine.

A moment of the greatest love: a Mother’s love.

My love.

For them.

And I know they tire me senseless,

and I know I wish them away

(too often for my heart to understand)

but they are the precious hands

I long to hold

a lifetime.

Those two small ones.

I choose their little arms, forever.


The Sweetest of All Knowings

I spend so many hours,

my sweet babes,

wishing I could lift for you.

If only I would remember

that the path of the butterfly

is never a straight one.

That there are dips and turns in life,

and times of complete stillness, too.

May this be a reminder.

That my love for you is the constant.

Precious and true

in high flight

and in low.

And that, my darlings,

is the sweetest of all knowings.