Some Days

Some days,

even the days that are kind,

(and quite lovely)

feel a deeper shade

of aching life.

And you’ll never know why,

(at least, I never do)

but you might hope

(like me)

that one day the ache will settle

and you will no longer wish

(quite desperately)

for something more.

Or less

(I can never quite tell.)

What did the poets do,

you might ask yourself

(like I do)

and you’ll try desperately to forget

the ones who didn’t make it

all the way.

I will make it all the way,

(this I know)

because I choose life

even when the skies are grey.

For alchemy was the golden lake

of dreamers past.

And dreamers present fill the aching


with streams of sunshine

and honey milk days.

Shall I fill my own cup

and drink the nectar, sweet?

Shall I ask the golden lake

(of life)

to flow this way

and bring me home?



I see the world,

and I know it has been named

by those who came before me.

Who have I become

(or not become)

because of what they have shown me?

Voices claiming to guide are often sour

to my ears.

The world is alive,



when my gypsy heart flies


I see the world.

I name it for myself.


Sweet and Quiet

The sweet and quiet of life is where my soul belongs.

The essence of a strawberry.

The taste of the softest kiss beneath a swaying tree.

It is not all that I am, this sweet and quiet that calls me.

But it is my favourite place to be.

My favourite aspect of everything.

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A Million Stars

Fill me with your silver

and I will shatter

into a million stars

of us.


I Have Loved

I have loved like the ocean windy and wild, where the birds of my heart fly free, and the whispers of my soul meet my lover softly. Gracefully. Passionately.

I have loved like a sweet summers day, like a warm cup of milk, like a thank you for no reason. Tender. Kind. Cherished until broken.

I have loved.

I still have love.




Is this a rainbow I see

reaching through the collective heart

of the dreamers?

Wide eyes open, lovely dreamers.

You were made to shine

the most beautiful lights on the world.