You Matter To Me

Reaching out my hand to you

forgetting what you’ve done,

there’s never any reason, dear

for you to turn and run.


Some days you may feel black and blue,

some loves will break your heart,

but every day will always be

the chance for a new start.


A million voices from outside

ignite the storm within,

but let this be your chance to say:



Become the shine you know you are

and sing your song so true,

for never will there ever be

another quite like you.

* *. *

To all the beautiful humans struggling with guilt or shame or a broken heart. I see you. You are not broken, you are human, and you are all the lovely things.

You matter to me. No-matter-what.

Tomorrow, we begin again.

So much love, Brooke.


Aching Memories

Catch your aching memories

and hang them in a tree.

There they shall be beautiful,

for all the world to see.

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Twinkle, Twinkle

Twinkle, twinkle little light

shine on me your beauty bright.

Hold me gently, love me dear

show me I have naught to fear.

Twinkle, twinkle little light

sing me through the darkest night.

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The Rose

The rose began to wither, in
her heart of woven gold,
the ocean melted in her eyes
for stories never told.

The window shone the morning bright,
not once did she look there,
the darkness had become her and
the rose, at last, was bare.

The bluebirds flew about the day,
the air cut like a knife,
and all the while a single rose
lay weeping bloody life.

For no one knew the rose had died
and left a heart of black,
except the girl with ocean eyes;
a train run off the track.

The gardens coloured in the world
so full of joyous spring,
and daisies spread along the path
as death came wandering.

The children danced in rosie rings
while men laughed at the sky,
yet, there she lay upon the bed,
a light about to die.

And as the days became the years
her rose grew back once more,
a rose of black and white, this time;
a life unlike before.

-Brooke Cutler, 2018

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The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 18: The River


She sits upon the river bank,

Picks daisies one by one,

She peers into the dawning day,

Sighs ‘welcome’ to the sun.


The windy reeds sway in the morn,

Sweet blackbirds hop and play,

A simple hour of darling joy,

One darling day in May.


She sees a shadow on a hill,

The grey of faded light,

But even if the cold creeps near,

She knows she’ll be alright.


She whispers to the universe,

‘Protect my heart, this day,

And I’ll sing you a rainbow sky,

To wash your grey away.’


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