Sneak Peak- Humanity

Hello my sweet bloggy friends.❤️

Given I share so much of my creative journey with you, I thought it would be so super special to share with you my latest song writing project.☺️ (Yes- that’s my 17 year old piano. Aww. ❤️)

I’m halfway through writing this one, and so far it’s been a lot of fun to write. I love digging into the darker energies of humanity to see what comes up: song writing is such a wonderful way to really yank out the emotional weeds, so to speak. 😂

I have no idea where this one is going to go from here, but I suppose I’ll find out soon.



V-1. I see your smiling face, but I know your fall from grace, you pick the pieces up and hide them in the shade of things unseen. Oh yes, I know you well, the dark within your shell, the lies you tell yourself to make it all okay.

So set fire to the good girl inside, and be all you want to be. Don’t disguise the pain in your eyes, the stories untrue: you’re not the only one with secrets.

C- Humanity, oh melt me with the whispers of your blue melody, a symphony of secret wishes: life unseen, hearts unclean, humanity, humanity, humanity. ✨

So much love.

xx Brooke


Roast Potatoes

It is a long



But the roast potatoes

are out

of this



Those Eyes

There is a softness between us.

I gaze, but I do not see you first.

I feel you, first.

I know you,


down to the bones that hold you.

I would ask for a kiss,

but I see it there


in your eyes.

Those eyes.

Bring me those eyes, one more time,


Bring me my medicine,

oh, sweet love!

What cruel, dark night

is this that finds me?

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This Beautiful Sadness

I’m down in the depths of me, today.

It feels like sadness, but it is far more powerful than that.

This beautiful sadness.

It is a sadness I long for, a sadness I crave.

It flows through my veins until there is nowhere left for it to go but out.

Onto this page.

Into new hearts— yours, his, hers, theirs.

I was always told this bliss only lives in happiness.

But this is not happiness.

This is an ache.

This is the most beautiful ache of all.

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Heart And Soul

What a beautiful option.

To live.

With all your heart and soul.


What It’s Like To Feel The Wind

I had a big cry yesterday and it was all the lovely things. It felt like the rain releasing the pain of the sky— except it wasn’t the sky’s pain that was calling. It was mine.

What a gift they were to me, those tears. How they unlocked me, moved the energy of life up and down my back, swirling around my heart and into a place unknown. Healing for the girl I know and miss so much.

My beautiful soft girl.

She sometimes gets lost, and when she does I miss her so, so much. I want to always sit with her by the river and feel her wind as it rushes through me. I want to feel the greatest love of all—hers—as I sit among the trees and listen to the rustling quiet of it all.

What is it like to feel the wind of your own spirit? Have you felt it? If not, let me try to explain the feeling. I promise: when your spirit chooses its moment to tunnel through your bones—you will know. And with all of your heart, you will smile.

It feels like a release of every worry that ever existed in your world, turning it into every worry that never really existed at all.

It feels like sensuality. Like freedom.

Like the deepest,

most profound


It feels pure: like crisp, clear water.

It feels like a bliss that no external love could ever provide, and yet the spirit lives for love— to love, and to be loved in return. It lives to know every avenue of life. Every avenue of humanity.

It doesn’t ask questions, this wind, it just finds the softness of the body and whooshes, unclogging all the muddy pipes within, and planting the most beautiful flowers along the way.

And so it is that I know the wind on my skin is the spirit of the Earth.

And so it is

that I know we all have that very same wind

inside of us, too.

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To The Moon

I am brave.

And I am beautiful.

And I will not waver in my belief

that I am capable of making it

to the moon.

And back.

Or just to the moon.



The Quiet of Me

Your soul spotted mine in that moment.

Didn’t it?

It’s why you looked away.

It’s why I continued to gaze

until those eyes returned

to the quiet of me.


Dreaming the Dreams

Since the beginning of time, the beautiful dreamers have dreamed the dreams for all.

Now it is time

for all.

To dream the dreams for themselves.


Just Watch Me

Fear? she said,

feeling the fire of a soul

ready to be heard.

I dare you.

Just watch me.

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