Sweet Muse

Come to me, sweet muse.

Float into my heart and wake me from sleep.

Light the fire within and shine me on my way

for a thousand lifetimes.

I see you, sweet muse, for what you are to me.

A million dreams to share.

A million dreams

to unlock the pure and gentle ecstasy of the world.

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The Wonder of the Universe

This world of ours is filled with magic. I’ve always believed it, because, quite frankly, there have been some things in my life that have defied any sort of rational explanation, no matter how hard I’ve tried to make sense of it all. Coincidences so coincidental they would put even the most wrinkly-lipped skeptic into a permanent state of bewilderment.

Yeah. The universe, hey? What’s with all the quiet nudges? The ones that have us turning left, when we’d only ever thought to turn right? What’s with all the giggles? You must have heard them; those funny little universe giggles, the ones that stop us in our tracks and ask us to wonder a little more.

Remember that time the phone rang and you just knew it was your Mum because you’d been about to call her? Or the time your toddler sneezed out all the goopy things—in the most public of places, not a tissue box in sight—and there just happened to be a tissue in your jacket pocket, even though you didn’t put it there? (Cough. Me, yesterday. How dearly I love you, universe.)

You must have wondered, just like I do—what’s it all about? And what ‘box’ do we put all the wonder into when it starts to wobble about within these very rational minds of ours? I’ll be the first to say it: I don’t know. I don’t know the questions, I don’t know the answers. But I’ll never stop wondering about it all, that magic that spills through the cracks of life, often when we need it most.

So. What do you think? Should we just shush up our rational minds for a bit and just fly with all the magic that happens? Should we just do that? Today, tomorrow, whenever the universe wills it, so?

I think we should. I think we totally, and absolutely should.

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