Beautiful People

To my beautiful people.

I miss you.

Like a lost piece of my soul,

I miss you.

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Little Sun

Never forget, little Sun.

You are so loved.



I’ve just done some counting. My absolute least favourite thing.

And according to my calculations, I’ve had my piano (a digital piano) for seventeen years.

Seventeen years.

There was a moment a few weeks ago when it didn’t turn on. My stomach fell, and in that moment I had an entire conversation with myself.

It was like the life of the piano flashed before my eyes.

All the songs we’d written together.

All the tears I’d cried as she helped mend my broken hearts.

What if she was gone?

If she didn’t turn on.

I realised I’d still have my voice to create music, and that thought soothed me.

But my goodness I was pleased ‘my baby’ turned on eventually.

Boy, was I ever pleased.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 28. Darling Dreamers

In the arms of the rippling blue night,

the darling dreamers


to the Gypsy song of yesterday.

And with a gaze:


And with a kiss:


The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 21. Forever

Darling is the day

that lasts forever.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 19. Darling of my Soul

Darling of my soul.

Darling of my soul.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 4. I Love You Anyway

Darling is

the choice to say

My love,

I love you anyway.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 2: Darling Is The Dream

Darling is the dream of waking up beside you,

knowing the world is perfectly still

for one single breath of mine.

And when sleep comes once more, meet me in the sky between us;

hold me by that darling river of ours,

until the sunrise brings you back to my day.

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Darling is the dream of you.

Darling is the everlasting dream

of you.

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Always And Forever Love

Floating in the ever swelling softness of time.

And I wait for you, my future, my love;

knowing you may never be.

Knowing the shine in my eyes may always be only a dream

of something beautiful.


Come to me, sweet love.

Steady my flight, and hold my heart.

Be my always and forever love.

Always and forever,


Until forever ends.

And life begins again.



I remember how it feels to be kissed by the soul of another.

How deep and rare, to be touched like that.


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