Micro Fiction


They used to meet in the meadow and gather lavender.

How sweet it was to raise their faces and breathe.

How sweet it was, just to be.

Side by side.


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I am

the same breath

as my art.


This Wind

This wind

is the beautiful melody

of every precious moment

we played,


Sweet wind.

Sing me again.


Beautifully Us

Take me to the fire.

Dance with me

in the spaces between

the flames.

Burn with me, into

the quiet

of everything pure.






Life Will Be Good

Soft wind, take flight.


take my hand.

Come roll me ‘round the sky

this fine day,

and we will watch the gulls

spiral over sandy shores.

And we will watch

the footprints

travel the beach in pairs.

And we will be silent

as we find a friend in every pocket

of the dream.

And life will be good, yes.

Life will be sweet,

and nice,

and good.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 29. Popcorn Days

Darling is the dream

of basking in the salty sweet

of popcorn days

and marshmallow nights.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 20. This Night

Under dim lights of orange,

whisper to me


of the places your soft touch

will sail me to

this night.

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling day 8: Milk and Honey Sunrise

Today felt like a milk and honey sunrise.

What is a milk and honey sunrise?

I have no idea.

But it felt an awful lot like


to me.


This Little River

This little river.

This little boat.

I never could have imagined

this peaceful place

in the shade of Autumn

and her beautiful, falling colours.

Shall I meet you at the rivers edge?

Might we sit a while, watching the ducks

as they gather in hungry groups?

Or will we row on?

Searching the river for nothing

but sweet, silver ripples

to carry us safely



Romeo and Juliet

The kids and I have just had lunch and I’m lazing about on the couch, enjoying the most beautiful warm Sun.

I thought I might write a blog post. So here I am, telling you about how I was thinking I might write a blog post…whilst actually writing one. Small things amuse the creative mind. ☺️

Speaking of creative minds, another thought that came to mind as I lounged on the couch: Shakespeare.

It was a quote from Romeo and Juliet that I was thinking of.

The line is from the famous balcony scene, where Juliet is blissfully day dreaming whilst standing out on her bedroom balcony. Enter Romeo, admiring her lovelieness from somewhere below. (Oh my goodness. Sigh. ❤️)

Here’s the line that woke the beautiful, warm wind in me:

ROMEO: ‘But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?’ It is the east, and Juliet is the Sun!’

Guys. ☺️ It gets better. 🥰

After a bit more internal waffling from Romeo, Juliet speaks. Quietly, to herself, but Romeo hears. This is how that little bit plays out:

JULIET: ‘Ay me’ (Juliet says dreamily thinking about you know who.)

ROMEO: ‘She speaks! O, speak again, bright angel! For thou art as glorious to this night being o’er my head as a winged messenger from heaven…’

I’ll leave it there, my beautiful bloggy friends.

Oh. You’re so very welcome.

😉 xx Brooke

(the HOPELESSLY hopeless romantic.)