Peaches In The Darling Sun

The Ocean

It never ceases to amaze,

the ocean of life;

how wide it must be.

If I can see but one river

from this, my dainty hill.

One glimpse of time,

one slice of space,

what else must the ocean be?

Day Five. How lovely it is to wonder.


I just watched Lord of the rings, again;

I’m certain I’ve missed my calling as an Elf.

Twirling leaves, swaying, falling.

Flowing gowns, floating on air.



Light and trees.

I’m certain I’ve missed my calling as an Elf.

Oh well.

There’s always next time.

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The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 20. Moon River: Behind the Scenes

Yesterday, I was a little bit naughty.

I had a blog post to write—and a darling one, at that.


Instead of sitting at the computer, crafting a darling world of words, I leaned over the piano and melted into the melody of other people’s lives for a while. Song after song I devoured until I was there: in that wondrous place that appears when music happens to the world all around me.

I didn’t have a darling thing to write about. I wasn’t feeling the feels, hearing the voice that shouts all the good things into my ear in order for me to spill them into the darling lives of all of you.

I was lost.

Maybe that’s why I turned to the piano and not the computer.

You’d think it was a mistake, wouldn’t you, picking the piano? That I should have at least been trying to write a blog post, pinching at all the threads of darling in my mind, hoping to find the one.

Well. It was no mistake.

Quite the opposite, actually. It was a gift.

Because it was at the piano that I rediscovered the whimsical wonder of Moon River, the subject of yesterday’s darling blog. The glow of the moonlight, the calming drift of the river as she wound her gentle way into my soul. That song. Darling never sounded so sweet, did it?

So, there we were, me and my Huckleberry friend, drifting away—the two of us lost in a dream, tumbling toward the glittery wonder of the rainbow’s end. And all the while, the real world sat quietly and waited for us to return.

What a shame I had to come back from that beautiful place.

Then again, what a blessing.

I mean.

I had to tell you guys all about it, didn’t I? Because this blog is, after all, how my most darling days are made.

Don’t even get me started about the darling friends I’ve met along the way.


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The darling blog of May

The Darling Blog Of May

Darling Day 6. To My Dearest, Beatrix

Dearest Beatrix,

I’ve thought a lot about it over the last few years, and now I’m ready to sing it to the world.

Beatrix Potter: you and I would have been the very best of friends!

There’s really no denying it.

Two dreamers fluttering about in a world full of meanies and grumps and trolls.

Think of it, Beatrix.

Together, we would have shone like the sun.


If only I had been born in your time, in your place.

 I can almost see it now.

You, with your magical stories of rabbits and grumpy-old-men—your fabulous words like…


And lippity-lippity! (That’s not really a word, is it, Beatrix? It’s perfect!)

Other grown-ups might call the wonders of your world nonsense, my darling, B.

But your wonder is how I know we are truly sisters of the soul.


Think of it, Beatrix. Just think of how it would have been!

Both of us finding the darling in everything, both of us believing in the good of the world.

How darling the land of Brooke and Beatrix Potter would have been, for us, my dear and lovely friend.

Beatrix—Helen—whatever you’d like me to call you…I hope you agree.

You and me. The besties that never were, but always will be.

So much love, always.

xx Brooke

The darling blog of May