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A Perfect New Day

I’ve fallen into a bramble of life’s loose ends.

A body, a mind, a heart—


and in a tumble

of the most beautiful ugly day.

Come find me

when my words are a song,

once again.

Come meet me at the rise

of a perfect



(Hello, you lot. 🙂 I just wanted to take a moment to break the fourth wall and say: I’ve so adored meeting you all here, every day in May. You are one of my happiest reasons. Thanks for being such a lovely part of this perfect new day. xx Brooke)

girl standing on grass field facing trees
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By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

3 replies on “A Perfect New Day”

Aww. Thanks Jason. 🙂It’s just one of those seasons of life: a growing season, me thinks. ☀️And actually, I appreciate the good and the bad for what they are. The bad so often gives me excellent creative stuff, so it can’t be all that bad, hey. 🙂Thank you so much for your support. xx


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