A Beautiful Choice


What a beautiful choice.


The Pursuit Of A Beautiful Life

Failure is followed by trying again better.

And so I will never believe in failure.

I will only believe in the pursuit of a beautiful life.

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Meant To Be

The great news is this.

If I am here,

there is nowhere else

I’m meant to be.


Quiet Nights

Dreams are born

on quiet nights.


Hey You Guys


We’ve still got this.


Be Still

Be still, human darlings.

Never was there a day the wind stood still.

This, too, shall travel like the breath of the earth.

And though this wind will bring down branches,

and bend limbs into unrecognisable poses:

life remains.

So live.

Be still, human darlings.

Watch the wind pass in peace.


Love Letter Time

To my beautiful bloggy friends,

Guess what time it is?

That’s right. Love letter time. 🙂 You know you’ll never get away from all the love hearts now that you’ve found this giant mushy love heart face, so if you’ll be so kind: get your hands ready. Because all the love hearts are on their way.

Here’s the thing:

It’s okay.

Everything will be okay.

There are many reasons for this, but if you’d like me to share a couple I’m happy to pull some little pops of okayness out of my bloggy hat to reassure you that we do, indeed, still totally have this shindig called life.

Chocolate will always be there.

Ice-cream, too, if you like it.

Music. Dance. Art.

Cold Pizza.

And most importantly, all the mushy ‘Brooke love hearts’. They will always and absolutely be there. Through good times. And bad times. And omg I just ran out of ice-cream times.

Always these love hearts will be here for you to visit, to remind you that— no matter how much it feels like you’re flailing around in a sea of what on earth is this life?— you’ve totally got this.

I mean it, guys.

You’ve got this.

And so if there is a pain or more in parts of your world, I feel you, and I’m with you.

Know that you are not broken. Know that you are human, and lovely, and no matter what today might have looked like for you: tomorrow will be better. I don’t know how I know, I just know.

Tell your inner critic that ‘Brooke said to go away, please, thank you.’

Take your Teddy Bear to bed— I don’t care what anyone says: you’re never too old for anything, especially not for soft, fluffy, lovely.

Be whoever, and whatever, you need to be in this moment until you need to be someone or something new.

So yeah.

All that. 🙂

So much love, from your resident internet mush face.

xx Brooke

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We’ve Got This


of the fragile beautiful kind.

Take this heart of mine

and give it to those who need it the most.

Send these love hearts into their sky.

Fill their dark spaces with the sun of me.

And we will know that


we have always got this thing called life.

Even when the glass shatters all around.

They’ve got this.

I’ve got this.

We’ve got this.



Are they really weeds?

These oddities

popping up in the middle of your

perfectly manicured green;




Are they weeds?

Or might you instead

see them as they are?

Daisies (not weeds)

sweet and drifting among

the emerald isle of



To The Moon

I am brave.

And I am beautiful.

And I will not waver in my belief

that I am capable of making it

to the moon.

And back.

Or just to the moon.