The Sunflower

She was the Sunflower

spending her days among lions,

wondering why she couldn’t roar like them.

Now she understands.

Sunflowers don’t roar.

They raise their heads to the breeze.

And they shine.

By brookecutler2

Liver of life, lover of everything. 💕

6 replies on “The Sunflower”

That’s because you’re a lovely, lovely sunflower, and your shine is ready, girl! Shine those petals all around. We’ve so totally got this, Kat! xx 💞💞💞

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It’s so lovely to be walking this journey with you! The universe is a marvelous thing; I still sometimes can’t believe it managed to bring us together. You’re exactly the voice I’ve always needed in my life.

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Oh, dear me. You’re one of my most beautiful friends, Kat. A genuine friend, and I’m so ridiculously happy we found each other here. And that we’re on this very same path together, trying to figure it all out, step at a time. 💞x


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