When I was little, I was the curly haired girl.

It was a point of fascination, my hair, a reason to love me more than the reasons that already existed inside my little girl heart.

I wonder, now, how many adults looked into my eyes and really saw me there. Looking back, my hair was the perfect ‘surface conversation’ starter.

And then there was me, waiting somewhere inside to be seen.

Yesterday, a beautiful little girl at the pool was in tears. One of the soft ones. Like me. The adults saw her, of course, but they didn’t really see her, I don’t think.

I wished she would look at me.

I wished that she would see that I could see her. And that I thought she was beautiful just the way that she was.

I would have told her that she’d probably always cry a little more than some, but she would also be kindness, and heart, and magic.

I’m pretty sure that would have made her smile.

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Oh, my heart! I was like that little girl, too, both wishing to be seen and fearing being seen because adults didn’t always have the kindest words to offer. But those souls that do have the right ones… she’ll know it one day, I just know it. That soft soul never goes away. That beautiful heart just keeps beating. And it turns into you, exactly as you are, with heart bared for the world to see and smiling softly.

And, it’s so funny, but people were fascinated with my hair when I was a little girl, too, except it was stick straight when everyone else had the curls and waves I was desperate for. It’s amazing how hair doesn’t just serve as a veil for us, but as a way for others to ignore the soul behind it.


Oh Kat! Why am I not at ALL surprised that we are the same in this way too?! What a gift you are to me. Another angle of the mirror of life to peer into. So much love, beautiful lady. Soul sisters, always xxx

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Yes, exactly! A mirror. It’s so lovely to peer through and see a reflection, yet not; to see a soul that recognizes and understands after a lifetime of being misunderstood and unheard.

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