Peaches In The Darling Sun


Motherhood has opened my heart in both expected and unexpected ways. It’s taught me that I never truly knew concepts such as shame or guilt before, or responsibility, or disappointment, or sorrow.

And I often get down on myself when I don’t get it right. When I snap at them for being children. When I’m too lazy to be the Mother I know I can be to them.

Then there was today. Today when a situation arose that put my parenting skills to the test, and they were met and exceeded, to my absolute delight.

I have to celebrate this beautiful victory with all of my heart. I have to love myself as much as I love my babies and say: Mum, you did a great job.

I am not perfect.

But today, I was a great Mum.

Who knows what I’ll be tomorrow.

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Day 27. True true love.

2 replies on “Motherhood”

The beautiful existence called motherhood. Celebrate all those victories, all those lovely days! And those smiles and giggles and I love yous. Personally, I find it easier to tough through those hard parenting days when I can remember all those little times when I felt successful, but it’s definitely a day by day existence, haha.

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I am starting to do that a little more now. I have to catch myself bashing myself up first. And when I do, I remind myself of the successes. I’m certain there must be many more than I give myself credit for.

Ahh yes! Day by day, indeed, lovely Kat.💞


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